The Rules of What Constitutes Quality Link Building Have Changed

 The Rules of What Constitutes Quality Link Building Have Changed Quality Link Building used to be so easy. All you needed to do was to find websites or blogs or forums anywhere, and comment. You could go to some synthesizer music blog, leave an irrelevant comment about how you had 20% off leather wallets at your website, and you would have a link that counted with Google. And you didn’t really have to worry about quality link building; practically everything counted, from reciprocal link exchanges to posting articles on the content mills.
Ever since Google’s Panda and Penguin updates came out at the beginning of this year though, things have been quite different. Google doesn’t just want to see lots of links to your website all over the Internet anymore (even if that is still in important to a certain degree). They want to make sure now that the people linking to you, have quality, well-respected websites. They want to make sure that no-one’s just taking advantage of the system and getting links in just about any which way. You really do need to start thinking about quality link building now – where your links come from websites that aren’t tainted or known for their jiggery-pokery. [Read more...]

Using Link Building Software Wisely

Link Building

 Using Link Building Software Wisely  It can be quite a difficult call deciding whether to use link building software. Should you decide that using software would be a good idea, here’s how best to do it.
It’s pretty simple deciding if you should use ink building software, at all. You just need to realize that your competition certainly is using it. You don’t want to waste time building links manually that your competition is using much more efficiently with software.
But once you do decide to use software, you might be worried about not being the same as everyone else. How to use your software effectively?
Let’s start at the beginning. You fire up your link building software, and it gives you a list of potential places to link to. Good software won’t clutter up your results page with link farm links. So you don’t have to worry about that. In case you’re worried about getting links from websites that have low page ranks, good software also give you an indication of the PageRank that each website recommended has. [Read more...]

Creating a Hyperlink Can Be Simple

 Creating a Hyperlink Can Be SimpleHyperlink – those (usually) blue-colored words that appear on any webpage that tell you that you could click on them and get taken to another webpage – are the greatest part to using the Internet. If you’re talking about the economy and how Alan Greenspan made crucial miscalculations in his policies, creating a hyperlink out of the name “Alan Greenspan” so that anyone who clicks on the name gets taken to the Wikipedia entry on him, is just a great thing.


It helps you pack all kinds of information into a short web article. it doesn’t even have to be a word. You could turn a picture into that too. Often though, creating a hyperlink isn’t enough. The owner of the website needs to make sure that wherever the hyperlink leads to is still there. They call these broken links. If you were to design a website, you would surely not be careless enough to do that. But first things first: how do you go about creating a hyperlink?


The basic mechanism of how this works is simple enough. Even if you use straight-out coding. You use what is known as an anchor tag – the thing that they write out as <a>. Within this, you just need to specify what URL a clicking visitor is to be taken to. You use the Hypertext REFerence attribute to say where. [Read more...]